Beispiel für ein natürliches Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent process performed with attention precision for the purpose of allowing the clients to achieve well-defined eyebrows.
As eyebrows frame our eyes and give us an expression that adds character and personality to our faces, there are many different reasons for getting eyebrow microblading done: some people may want fuller eyebrows, while others may want them shaped differently or have gaps filled in.

Microblading is affordable and an effective cosmetic technique to shape eyebrows that are short or thin and get the desired natural look.
It is an alternative to penciling or plucking your eyebrows during your beauty routine every day and is a wonderful solution and time saver as well as a prevention for the mistakes we often make when waxing, threading, or tweezing.

Candidates for Microblading:

Microblading can help all sorts of people, whether you are someone who has experienced hair loss and wishes to have natural eyebrows, or you want to get perfect eyebrows, including:

• People with over-plucked eyebrows that do not grow
• People with asymmetrical brows
• People who wish to wear less makeup and spend less time taking care of their eyebrows.
• People with light-haired/sparse Eyebrows
• People who has Alopecia
• Chemotherapy patients

Results you can Expect from Microblading:

⦁ You should expect to achieve beautiful and well-defined eyebrows that frame your eyes and give you an expression that adds character and personality to your faces.

⦁ Microblading is virtually painless and safe.
⦁ requires minimum maintenance. According to my clients, the pain associated with microblading is minimal as the procedure is minimally invasive.
⦁ After the procedure is complete, the pain is usually like having your eyebrows plucked and you’ll be given an ointment to use on your eyebrows for two weeks that will ensure you have optimal results.
⦁ In about six to eight weeks, you will have another appointment so that we can properly evaluate the results and ensure everything is healing properly and determine if any touch-ups are required.

Microblading procedure:
⦁ Your artist will generate hair-like strokes using a pigment that matches your real eyebrows hair color to create a natural and fuller eyebrow.
⦁ We use a tool called a microblade--It is a specific blade that makes tiny strokes on the eyebrow skin using specialized pigments.
⦁ The procedure can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size and shape of the brows being created and is painless, safe, and requires minimum maintenance.
⦁ The complete procedure takes around 2-3 hours.