Green Peel Dr Schrammek

During the Green Peel anti-aging treatment, the growth zone of the skin is stimulated to regenerate by removing the top layers of skin. 

The blood circulation is increased and thus the metabolism and the oxygen and nutrient supply are improved. Intensive revitalization and regeneration of the skin takes place. 

The Green Peel treatment is purely organic and without chemical additives! 

 When does Green Peel work? 

 for large-pored, oily, poorly supplied, pale skin for skin imperfections for scars (caused by acne, accidents, etc.) 

for aging, sagging, wrinkled, sun-damaged skin (atrophy and elastosis) 

for slightly sagging facial contours 

Skin discoloration 

Stretch marks 

Sagging skin on the arms, legs and stomach 

The Greenpeel treatment: 

day 1 

You have had the Green Peel treatment. Your skin is now red and you feel a slight burning sensation, like a mild sunburn. We will put together the Dr.Schrammek care products that are suitable for your skin and absolutely necessary after the peeling treatment for the next 14 days. 

day 2 

Your skin no longer looks red. Your skin will be pampered with products tailored to the Green Peel treatment. These products contain valuable active ingredients that support the success of the treatment, protect the skin from fluid loss and environmental influences and enrich it with valuable active ingredients 

day 3 

You will now notice the first signs of skin peeling. The three care products continue to be applied to the peeling skin as usual. The preparations are composed in such a way that they provide your temporarily very dry skin with the necessary moisture and special active ingredients. 

day 4 

The peeling of your skin is now clearly visible. If you can, take the opportunity to spend a relaxing day at home. You've always wanted to just relax, read and unwind for a whole day. 

day 5 

The skin has now completely peeled off. 

You have an appointment at SL Cosmetics for active ingredient care treatment.

Your new, now particularly receptive skin is supplied with valuable active ingredients. 

Your skin is revitalized and looks fresh! 

 You did it! 

Your skin appears renewed, radiant, fresher and younger. The tiredness has disappeared from your face.

The treatment consists of treatment, follow-up treatment and associated care

products for at home.